Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Yoga at the workplace

I have a weekly yoga class at a work place that’s a ton of fun. Their HR department contacted me to offer a few classes during a wellness day. Today, I lead two chair yoga sessions, one meditation session, and a yoga class. I created a reminder sheet that I’m sharing with you in case it’s helpful!

Tips for feeling great throughout your day:

Set a timer for every half hour or so. Each time you are alerted take a big, slow, mindful breath. (There are reminder apps too!)
Move! However you want to! With frequency!
Low back pain? Squat whenever possible. If that’s a challenge, work towards it. Do wall sits when you can. Build strength. The strength will create safe mobility over time.
As much as possible, open the front of the throat and chest. Neck rolls as well as the subtle drags on the collarbone can help keep this often tight area open. 
Open the often tight pecs with the stretches at the wall or in door frames.
Try to keep your feet as active as possible. When appropriate, roll your feet with yoga tune up balls or tennis balls.
Meditation doesn’t have to be silence in a cave. Try a simple walking meditation of mindfully and silently repeating to yourself “I am breathing in, I am breathing out” with each step.

Do you have other tips that help you feel embodied and present even while seated in front of a screen? Share ‘em!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Having Faith in Our Own Creations

I'm doing a thing.

I've done a soft launch on Patreon.

If you're asking, "what the what?!" I know. Patreon is a network of creators. The idea is that in this new day of cutting out the middle man in all forms, Patreon is attempting to let those who benefit from art and creation directly support those who create it.

If you hunt around on Patreon you'll find amazing podcasters, musicians, graphic artists, writers, and more. So far, I have not seen yoga teachers.

I'm on there as a writer and as a developer of professional content for yoga teachers. It's a bit of an intimidating gulp to declare myself a writer and to commit to projects that I've quietly undertaken. It's also asking me to take ownership for the value of what I do meaning, I have to believe in my work if I ask you to support it.

My work revolves around voice. I've spent my adult life clarifying my own voice in the spoken word, as a teacher, and as a writer. It's my creation and contribution. As someone who does professional development with other teachers, I work to mirror others voice back to them, so they can hear their own, and teach authentically.

Yesterday, I saw a student's review of my yoga class. She wrote, "A lovely balance of anatomy and philosophy all tied together with a clear and concise voice."

It's beautiful when someone mirrors to you that you've actualized your intention.

If my work is valuable to you, please place value on it. Please support me on Patreon. $1/month is amazing and super helpful. If you know of others who would value this work, please share it with them. I'm looking to grow this network and reach.

I think living creatively is the only way to live. I'm going to keep creating. With your support, we create together. I love you. Thank you.