Wednesday, October 16, 2019

What I currently know about birth

Birth is a force, an energy, like standing in the ocean and feeling a tidal pull or standing on a mountain and feeling the rush of wind. Birth has it's own identity and agenda. It's moving spirit to earth and that process isn't simply physical. I believe, for a woman to birth, she works with herself, the baby, and the birth force. It's optimal for each woman to know herself well enough to understand her own fears, what makes her feel safe, her ancestry, her intentions, and what she's willing to relinquish. Ideally, she also feels the baby's energy-- how the baby wants to move, the information the baby is providing about itself during the pregnancy.

The space that forms around birth is timeless-- time stretches and contracts beyond everyday rhyme and reason. It's necessarily messy and broken because it's an uncontrollable, feral force.

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